Intellectual Output 2 – Digital interactive platform for European and national placements appraisal

As part of our intellectual output, we successfully created a digital platform. This interactive platform, designed for evaluating European and national placements, was developed with a user-centred approach. Health educators, learners, academics, and health professionals leveraged the consortium’s prior research to create a pilot system. Through an iterative process incorporating user input, feedback, and further development, this system evolved into its final, technically evaluated form, ready for release.

Our objective had been to enable auditors to review clinical learning environments quickly by making audit tools portable. The digital platform allowed for quick assessments of clinical environments, enhancing the overall experience by providing structure and monitoring to ensure safety and suitable educational support for students at their respective levels of education.

Notably, the platform was accessible to all potential users without needing expensive equipment, offering high portability and usability. It facilitated the assessment of clinical environments based on de facto specifications applicable in most clinical settings. Additionally, the platform supported the integration of quality measures aimed at enhancing European and international clinical learning environments for Medical and Professions Allied to Medicine (PAMS) students. This innovative digital solution provided new tools for application in educational practice.