Intellectual Output 2 – Digital interactive platform for European and national placements appraisal

The aim of this Intellectual Output is the creation of a digital platform. The digital interactive platform for evaluating European and national placements will be created following a user-centered design approach. Health educators, learners, academics and health professionals will exploit the previous findings of the consortium to create a pilot system, which through an iterative process with user inputs, feedback and further development will develop the final, technically evaluated before its release, system.

Our aim is to enable portability of audit tools to enhance auditors to review clinical learning environments. Quick assessment of clinical environments through an effective digital platform will provide a more structured and monitored experience to preserve safety and to ensure that students receive well-supported education in practice which is safe and suitable to their educational level.

The digital platform will be available to all potential users without the need for expensive equipment to use it, enabling high portability and usability, facilitating the assessment of clinical environments on de facto specifications that can be used in most clinical settings. The platform will allow the integration of quality measures that enhance European and international clinical learning environments for Medical and PAMS (Professions Allied to Medicine) students, offering new and innovative digital devices for application in educational practice.