Our Approaches


Our mission was to facilitate the international mobility of trainees and, consequently, of healthcare professionals. This involved creating pathways and support systems to enable individuals in the healthcare field to move between different countries for training or work opportunities seamlessly. We aimed to remove barriers and streamline processes, ensuring healthcare professionals could gain valuable experience and contribute their skills globally. By fostering international mobility, we sought to promote cultural exchange, enhance professional development, and improve healthcare standards worldwide.


Our vision was to increase the supply and quality of international placements offered by healthcare organisations throughout Europe and simplify the processes involved in organizing them for students, educational institutions, and healthcare organisations. We aimed to create an environment where accessing international placements was easier and more efficient for all involved parties. By doing so, we sought to enrich students’ learning experiences, enhance collaboration between educational institutions and healthcare organizations, and ultimately contribute to improving healthcare standards on a global scale.


To fulfil its Mission and achieve its Vision, HEALINT4ALL deployed a strategy composed of four intellectual outputs with the following Objectives:

Mapped and innovatively adapted newly established Audit Protocol and Support tools to suit the Higher Education needs for broader application to medicine and allied healthcare professionals.

Developed a digital interactive audit tool that could be used in situ via iPads, etc., supported by access to a central database that a provider and suit multi-professions could easily manage.

We have developed a virtual interactive learning and teaching resource for auditor preparation and update, which could be cascaded and incorporated into self-directed and blended learning.

Added further languages of the European Union and incorporated partners’ integration of the tools in all languages to facilitate broad use across multi-professions.

Executed an ongoing programme of intensive dissemination and impact evaluation to establish the HEALINT Tools and subsequent IWA as the gold standard audit tool for assessing clinical placements supporting international mobility by all healthcare.