Identification of needs through mapping best case examples and participatory activities with stakeholders

The aim of this Intellectual Output is to develop a a robust mechanism to benchmark placement quality and support for a wider range of health professional students across health facilities and universities in different countries.  Building on the previous HEALINT project which focused on nursing and midwifery this project and output specifically extended and expanded exploration of wider healthcare professions metrics and benchmarks to develop a single robust mechanism to meet the needs of varied healthcare professional disciplines accessing clinical learning environments. This also potentially benefits shared learning and working and promoting inter-professional learning and collaboration.  This is the first stage in establishing  a set of benchmarks in a protocol which will then be used to create a monitoring process to assure quality of the clinical learning environments.

This intellectual output draws on published and grey literature, policy documents and professional regulations as well as focus groups and interviews with healthcare professionals, healthcare professional educators and students within medicine and physiotherapy specifically. These disciplinary areas provide a broad bases for including medicine and allied health professional student placements. The literature and data are distilled and combined and contain criteria to ensure that when a healthcare professional student requires an international placement, the home organization will be able to check and assure the quality of the placement offered by a host, despite differences in national regulations. Finally this output also is subject to alignment with International Standards Organization (ISO) terminology for ease of use and understanding internationally.

HEALINT4ALL Briefing Paper #1