Healint4All at the Medicine as Research Conference

The students of HelMSIC (Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee) organized the two-day conference “Medicine and Research” at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece on November 13-14. On the 2nd day, as part of a Research Fair, the students were informed about research projects of the Medical School, city institutes and the medical students themselves, including HealINT4ALL.
The project attracted interest for its contribution to creating a protocol for students’ mobility and ability to conduct their clinical practise in a Paneuropean area by ensuring quality in clinical placements. All Research Fair participants agreed on the importance of providing an audit system based on this protocol, aiding all stakeholders in assessing clinical placements.
You can download the Poster and Brochure presented at the conference.
Ioannis Poultourtzidis/2021-11-29