Protocol for appraisal and audit of hospitals or clinics to receive trainees

This output will create the possible criteria for selection of placements for trainees. Currently each National organisation meets National and even local standards for placements within agreed regulatory accreditation including requirements for staff supporting trainees, facilities within clinical learning environments,

Some elements are governed by the EU but delegated responsibility lies with the nation eg. health and safety, insurance and with National regulatory authorised by governments to assure the implementation of EU regulation.. When a student requires an international placement the home organisation (which must meet national requirements) relies upon a placement offered by the host (whose standards may be very different). Unlike the ERASMUS charter agreement for University study there is currently no automatic standard supported by the European Higher Education Area . Universities have to assure the placements to satisfy the regulatory bodies to achieve course accreditation but within this there is variance and no collaborative means of agreeing and recording standards across Europe.

A second protocol for placements will address how two wards within one institution may be managed, and how learning environments may be added and removed from the scheme as well as the process of devising ongoing periodic review of areas to assure quality in the face of changes to the environment. This is intended to be a prospective approach to assuring a quality learning experience and any support and preparations which may be needed.