The Project’s Outputs

by 2020 we will have develop:

Protocol for appraisal and audit of hospitals or clinics to receive trainees

The protocol will create the possible criteria for selection of placements for trainees. The audit protocol will ensure that when a student requires an international placement, the home organisation (which must meet national requirements) will be able to check and assure the quality of the placement offered by a host (whose standards may be very different).

Protocol for training and support of auditors

The protocol will safeguard the credibility of the audits undertaken, by ensuring the auditors are independent and meet rigorous requirements in interpreting what they see when making their review.

Tools for Post-Evaluation of Placement-Quality

This output makes provision for the evaluation of the tool, identifying metrics which determine whether the conclusions drawn from the initial audit can be predictive of high quality placement learning environments. Metrics will be drawn from existing evidence and tools such as CLES + T and with ethical permission from other evaluative means (e.g. student evaluation) local existing audits . Also quality assurance reviews focused upon patient safety and care. Teacher evaluation of student learning etc). This will triangulate the prospective quality process proposed by looking at retrospective evaluation processes.

Monograph on Transferability

The Monograph will compile the lessons learned during the project and target decision makers in Higher Education as a whole, with the aim of facilitating their own introduction of similar schemes.